NayRoad - Path Note 1.192

Path Note: 1.192

1)The Coin Arena removed the drop in Samarkand, NOW the Arenas Coins were moved to Donwhang Cave. All Mobs give Arena Coin

2)The Fellow Pets were added to the NPC "Fellow Pets" in Donwhang Town

3)Fixed the bug that could not equip the suits of Next Level Jobs, now work correctly

4)Samarkand will be a map of Only Leveling nothing more.

Do not despair if the Launcher says a lot Updating only Wait If it works!!! :)"

NayRoad - Path Note 1.191

Path Note: 1.191

We have moved the NPC from Trade Job to Samarkand to Roc Mountain Map, only in these npc you can exclusively buy the materials with Stack 1200
and you can earn more gold than in the other NPCs

NayRoad - Path Note 1.190

Path Note: 1.190

Everyone will receive Today 1000 silk is just an insentient for the people who are playing our server ... "Only people who are already registered until today!" (If you are New from Tomorrow you can not claim your 1000 Silks)

1) All Stones,Tablets,Magic increased Max Stacks to 2000

2) NPC Coin Item Manager l NayRoad(S) Shop "Fixed when you try buy any Elixir

3) Price of Moon Coin Reduced to 500kk (500.000.000)

4) Now it will be easier to do the Job Trade and the Thief were eliminated! YES DELETED, Great, is not it? wink

NayRoad Pay your debts to the thieves cool goodbye


5) Exp and SP is Increased "Do not get your hopes just a little bit"

6) Fixed drop in Job Cave Donwhang mobs drop D11 items

7) In some maps for example Survival - Job Cave - NayRoad Egy If you can not attack you must wait 1 minute this is done so for when we have more users this is going to be a lack of control when it comes to kill you.

NayRoad - Path 1.189

Path Note:

1)Added Arena Coin drop in Samarkand

2) Prices in NPC Archimedes Changed (Weapons,Accessory,Armors)

Welcome to NayRoad

Server Info:

Exp: x10

Gold: x2

Drop: x8

Alchemy: x1

Trade: x35

Auto Equipament


Job System

No Lag

Max Plus +12
And More...

Server Info

  • PlayerOnline 11 / 1000


  • Servertime: 06:39:55
  • CTF:
  • Fortresswar:
  • Register: Everydays 00:00 - 12:00