NayRoad Update 1.196

1) Added Angel Bless ( for 7 Days = 200% Move Speed, 2000 HP-MP, 5 Str-Int) in NPC NayMan

2) Removed mobs Spawn Ability in Lord Yang,Osiris,Demon Shaitan,Sekhmet

3) Fixed HP Selkis

4) Incresed Gold Trade

5) Added new Glow Plus Effect +3+5+6+7+8+9+10+12+14 You can use this defaul efect or Dye Effect only can use 1 efect

6) By voting only for now Hotan will be left open ... (Jangan and Bandit will close)

7) New Angel Spirit 25% HP Fixed

8) Added drop Box Weapon,Armor,Accessorys in constantinople and Fixed drop rate.

NayRoad Update 1.195

1) Glow Effect in Two Hand Sword D11 Egy A and B Fixed

2) Fixed New Devil Now Work Fine, this devil you can not give plus it is only up to +0

3) Increased Medusa drop 3-5 Lucky Powder 100% Success.

4) Prices all Stones change 1.000.000G and 3 Samarkand Coin To 5.000.000G.

5) Added Potions 25% HP and MP to 18.000G.

6) Added Stone Challenger for add Critical.

7) Added Immortal Drop in Uniques Neith,Isis,Anubis,Selkis,Apis (You can see the Unique Spawn Here (This uniques has beed HP Reduced))

8) Added New items in NPC NayMan

9) Added more Uniques Titans in all Maps with SpawnTime 1-2Hours

NayRoad Update 1.193

New Upgrade System BOT

Guide Upgrade

This upgrade works for weapons D11 Nova> Egy A> Egy B the price is 700 Samarkand Coins.

You will have to place in the first slot of your inventory 700 Samarkand Coins and in the Second Slot the Weapon, Armor or Accessory.

D11 Nova Weapons, Armor, Accessorys Requisite is +8

D11 Egy A Weapon, Armor Accessorys Requisite is +10

New Event Unique Kill Ranking

This event is new and automatic, you just have to kill Titan Uniques and Medusa to score points, at 2AM and 8PM the Ranking is restarted every day and there you will know the winner with a news in game the prizes are the following:

Top 1: 5 Lucky Powder 100% Success,500M Gold,100 Silk.

Top 2: 3 Lucky Powder 100% Success 300M Gold,70 Silk.

Top3: 2 Lucky Powder 100% Success 200M Gold,50 Silk.

The gift is automatically sent to the winner after the restart at 2AM or 8PM if you have been the winner, you only have to restart your character and your gift will be displayed in your inventory.



NayRoad Update 1.193

1) Added Map Holy Water and Job Temple

2) Added Medusa Drop Lucky Powder D11 100% Success

3) All Unique( Medusa,Holy Water,Job Temple) Removed support Mobs Spawn and, Reduced HP and Attack,Defense

4)Added Teleports in Samarkand to (Job Temple and Holy Water)

5)Added in Holy Water drop in all Uniques (Global Chatting,Immortal,"Lottery Gold = Gold Chance 10,000,000 to 100,000,000")

6) All Unique in Job Temple drop Lucky Powder D11 100% Success

7) Added New in Samarkand Loreina for Quest Title Baron

8) All Uniques on Samarkand and Constantinople has been removed

NayRoad Update 1.192

Update Path Note:

1) Increased Rate Coins in Samarkand and Constantinople

2) Decreased Cost Stones in NPC

3) Now Trade Job the Thiefs Mobs no Spawn

4) Increased Normal Exp x10 in Party x15

Server Info

  • PlayerOnline 30 / 1000


  • Servertime: 22:52:41
  • CTF:
  • Medusa:
  • Roc:
  • Fortresswar:
  • Register: Everydays 12:00 - 00:00